The Art of Living

What do your home décor, house products, and hosting styles say about you? When you have guests come over, are you welcoming them into an environment you would like to be welcomed into? Living well is an art and it’s something that is constantly changing as our lives evolve. Homes filled with kids and toys can be just as welcoming as the most pristine house on the block. How you fill your house and how you host determine just as much as the look of the surroundings.  Creating meaning in what you surround yourself with could range from your home décor to the way you host guests. Each aspect of your home has the potential to give meaning to living well. Find your Living Home Style and flourish in it.


When the concept of Living Home Style began to be formed, we knew we had something that not everyone has in their home living style, simplicity.

Not only simplicity in our décor and in our day to day lives, but most of all, simplicity in where we live. We call a small country town, with a population less than the suburb I grew up in, home. We are truly living a simple life and LOVE IT! Our favorite family activity is getting in the car and driving around God’s beautiful country. We love looking for quality times to talk with each other and getting to know more and more about each other (This time includes the kids!). We have lived in both a large city with the hustle and bustle and a small town without the hustle or the bustle. We can confidently tell you that there is joy in both places! You can create your simplicity wherever you live. Simplicity does not start with your surroundings but with your mindset. Take time for what is important to you and create peace and simplicity around that.

We hope this blog will help you enrich the beauty of simplistic living within your own home style. All our products and reviews we post, help create a meaningful and simplistic life within a very busy lifestyle.


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