Hands of Time – Memory Clock

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Our Hands Of Time Memory Clock is the perfect gift for making memories last.

We are so excited to share this DIY Hands of Time Memory Clock with you. Our decorative wall clock is inspired by a similar clock Jon and I did when we first got engaged 6+ years ago. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we know this is the perfect time to share a meaningful custom gift with our viewers.

How Hands of Time Was Created

Jon has always been good with taking our ideas and making them into more than what I had originally imagined. So, when we were trying to figure out what to do with our broken clock, our little hamsters (ideas) began running. We knew we had something more than just a broken farmhouse wall clock. We had a blank canvas to make it personal with each other in mind. The decorative wall clock had to be something that told a story, had meaning, and stood out. This strategy ultimately produced the Hands of Time memory clock. Once, the piece was finished, we hung it up on the wall and had instant approval from friends who saw it. They fell in love with the idea and wanted to have one to cherish their special date as well. Wall clocks are know to be statement home décor pieces. What better way to make a statement than with a custom piece with personal meaning?

Fast Forward to Now

The Hands of Time Memory Clock is still one of our favorite pieces of our home décor. Not only because it reminds us when our anniversary date is, (haha) but because of its meaningful story. The whole meaning behind this piece is so much more than just a decorative date. It’s the date that we decided to come together as one and start something more than just us…. That is what Living Home Style is all about. Pieces in your home that tell a story, pieces that let people know who you are as a family, and fun memories you want to cherish for a lifetime; this is the true secret of making your house into your home. These clocks have been inspired by the famous Chip and Joanna Gains. Not only is the farmhouse rustic style right up their ally, Joanna always adds in personal touches to her designs and décor when updating a house. That is what we did with Hands of Time, created a personal touch on a classic home décor piece.

What It Can Be Used For

The best part of the Hands of Time memory clock is that you can choose any date and any hands to make your desired memory! For Example: Baby Hands for their birthdate, couple’s hands on the day they were married, first day you opened the doors to your business…. These examples are why a decorative clock is the perfect gift with meaning. Memories make the perfect personal touch on any decorative gift.

So, let’s get down to business. Here’s how to create your own:

Step 1:

Choose Your Style

Color Styles Hands of time Memory ClockDistressed White Hand of Time Memory ClockWeathered Grey Hands of Time Memory ClockRustic Wood Hands of Time Memory Clock

Find a decorative wall clock you wish to use.  We have created a custom “Hands of Time” memory clock with 3 different color options to match any home décor style. Our clock styles are easily ready to hand stamp and hang. An added bonus with our decorative wall clocks is that we use shiplap boards with a wear resistant laminate. We have this option for the sake of possibly needing to redo a handprint if the first print didn’t come out just right! If needed, simply wipe off the acrylic paint from the wear resistant finish and redo the hand prints. This slick finish allows you to make sure you get the right placement and yet still has the natural farmhouse woodgrain look we all like! We also use a high quality chalk paint from Rust-oleum. We sell our full HT Clock Kit for $95 and it comes with hand paint and the wood we use has a wear resistant laminate finish for easy hand touch ups. (Detailed instructions and tips are include in shipping box) (Click Here To View Our Hands of Time Clock Kit Styles)

Enter coupon code HANDS 10 at checkout and receive an extra 10% off your first order of Hands of Time.


Here are a few other farmhouse style clock options on amazon you can try! Make sure you get a large enough decorative wall clock if your ordering online to fit the size of your hands. Please note, the hardware is included and must be removed in the farmhouse style clocks listed below. Also, most decorative wall clocks come in real wood so be prepared to do a one and done handprint on your custom wall clock.

Step 2:

Add Your Handprints & Personalization

Choose the date you wish to display on your Hands of Time Clock. We use an acrylic paint like the ones listed below from Amazon. The paint cleans off your hands easily with soap and water and comes in an array of different colors… and it’s cheap! If you order from us, our Hands of Time – hand paint is included with purchase. So, no need to modify or buy anything else, we got you covered!

To begin, paint your hands and place them firmly on the time or date you wish to display. Don’t forget to press firmly!

hands of time memory clock - how to add painted hand to clock

Next, you can use a brush to polish up any missed areas of your hand print.

hands of time memory clock - how to touchup hand paint

We also recommend putting a little point symbol above your middle finger on both handprints to point directly to the desired date/time. If you mess up, its ok! Our wear resistant laminate finish allows you to easily remove any unwanted paint. Warm water and a paper towel is all you need.

hands of time memory clock - how to add custom hand symbolshands of time memory clock - how to remove handprint - easy cleanuphands of time memory clock - finished product

If your desired date is in a position that causes an overlap in handprints (for example: June 30th = 6:30), we suggest using another color to overlay the larger handprint. See below for image example.

Hands of Time Memory Clock - overlapping handprint option

Extra paint idea!

hands of time memory clock - extra paint ideas

If you would like to make your own handprints on your clock, here is some links to some paint options from Amazon:

Step 3:

Enjoy Your Customized And Meaningful Decorative Wall Clock

Hang your wall clock and enjoy the added personal touch you just gave your home! The Hands of Time Clock is a simple and fun display, that is sure to become a talking point piece in your home like it has been in ours! Just think of the fun design it will bring to your kid’s room, master bedrooms, and other living areas. We hope you have just as much fun making this clock for your home as we did making ours, all those years ago!

– Jon & Lindsay


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