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What We Do & Why We Do It

Hello, and welcome to Living Home Style. Our names are Jon and Lindsay Loutzenhiser and live in small town USA with our three boys. We offer a home style blog dedicated to bring you the latest trends in DIY Home Décor, Home Product Reviews and Tips & Tricks to making your house a home. Our home décor products  revolve around bringing families together and making memories that last.

Our Style

The style of our home has been evolving over the past few years as our family has expanded into making a home that Chip and Joanna Gains would be proud of. The focus is now aimed more towards being functional and organized as our family continues to grow. The purpose of this website is to provide new home décor ideas and products that have both beauty and functionality. Shows like Fixer Upper and magazines like Better Homes and Gardens are huge inspirations for our journey of turning houses into homes. Our ongoing goal is to always keep the homey and personal feel alive.

We hope this site is a fun place to gather together, learn new design trends, laugh a little… okay a lot, and make life a little easier!

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Hands of Time Memory Clock - Living Home Styles Featured Product


Bring the custom “HOMEY” feel to your house with meaningful home décor products


Some of our tips and tricks to make your house a home


Unbiased and in depth household product reviews


Cherish your family’s memories with our personalized home décor

Each one of these home décor products are made from our home in Nebraska. Our style brings the personal “homey” touch to the items you hang on your walls. We believe this personal touch is a key to another smile in life whenever you pass by your “personalized” home décor item. Our newest launched product is called the Hands of Time Memory Clock. This home décor clock is one of our favorite pieces! We hope you enjoy it as well!


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